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How Can You Build Your Community?

by Andre Taylor

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful, thriving community. It’s not only the American Dream to live in a safe, well-maintained, and prosperous neighborhood but it’s the dream for so many people around the world.

Not long ago while on a business trip to Kansas City, I was driven to the airport by Obi, a man who immigrated to the United States from a war torn country on the African continent. During the drive he was extremely pleasant and seemed to live life with joy. I asked him what made him so upbeat, and he told me.  Full Article


A Hidden Treasure in Hempstead: Hempstead Rebirth CDC

by Lindell Rey


“If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime”


The type of assistance the quote refers to, responds not just to a person’s immediate need, but also prepares them to become a more productive contributor to their community. ”Full article


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Lindell Ray, Inspire Jewelry (2inspirejewelry.com)

André Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, and media personality. He's the author of many books including: You Can Still Win!: Break Through, Bounce Back, Come from Behind and Flourish. He's a frequent contributor to ABC News, Money Matters and founder of Taylor Insight Worldwide, a premier leadership development firm providing innovative, forward-moving advice, information, and resources for high-potential individuals, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial enterprises. André lives on Long Island.


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